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I totally agree with this -- so often, people set goals they have no hope at all of achieving, either because they believe it's expected, or because they just don't have a practical approach to goals and achieving them. New Year's resolutions are a good idea in concept, but so often they fail in the reality...just like crash diets and such. It could certainly be argued it's just not in human nature for most to do something they don't particularly want to, and change is always difficult; even people who give up something for Lent regularly only do so for forty days, and most of them don't even make it if it's something they like particularly much.

Gradual change tends to be much easier to adopt for most people, and setting less grandiose and more immediately achievable goals as you've discussed helps too. When one feels like one has achieved a goal, that encourages one to keep doing so. That's one huge reason I feel it's crucial to allow oneself reward for doing things like working at the necessary things one must do -- with consistent rewards, no matter how inconsequential they seem, they can act as incentives to keep at it.

I've always encouraged an approach of, at the start of every day, making a list:

What I need to accomplish, the things that I absolutely must do today; if I do not do them today, I must do them as soon as possible.

What I would like to accomplish; these are tasks that aren't strictly essential, but it would really help to complete them.

What would be really great to accomplish; these are things I don't really expect, even if I'm going exceptionally, to finish, but I'll be very pleased if I do.

Even if it's only a mental list, I find it helps immensely in actually getting things done. It's easy to make this list as one prepares breakfast, during one's shower, whatever one may do as a routine daily. I agree completely that it's important not to overreach. Know your limits, don't try to go crazy with an outrageous goal. Be realistic and honest with yourself, and set some goals that you can achieve in a shorter period of time, with consistent work. Sometimes you might discover that a goal is more demanding and elaborate than you had initially believed, but that's okay; being flexible and able to adjust to new data and circumstances is also important. It's also important to be able to assess the new situation and determine whether you need to adjust your projected work time, or whether you need to put that on the back burner for later, when you're more able to address it, and try to do something else for now.

These are such crucial things few people, artist or otherwise, ever seem to learn.

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Sometimes it's like an invisible barrier. Other times it's things like "I'd like to see how another artist does (specific thing)" but can never find a suitable tutorial, or video, especially with a specific program.

I still do my best, and I'm generally fairly pleased with my work, or I recognize what I should work on. I usually feel like it's down to me to determine what I really need, and I'm okay with that.

But I still wish I could find more specifically what I feel I need. Still, it's remarkable how many resources are out there, and the newsletter really helps me to find plenty of genuinely useful things. I'm grateful for that!


I am so glad if my words have helped.

And please don't feel the need to say sorry -- I was trying to say more that even if I have a problem with Miyazaki, I still enjoyed the other things in the newsletter. I know every newsletter can't please every person who reads it with every article and every feature! It's wonderful to have such a variety, and I enjoyed the newsletter immensely, as I always do.

I will definitely keep my eyes peeled, and again, I'm always fond of PaperDemon. It is the best art site.


I adore PaperDemon and in fact just a week ago suggested it to some people on a comic-oriented Discord server. I hope they'll stop by!

Thanks always for keeping us posted and letting us know about what features are going and what the status is. It's always things like this that keep PaperDemon head and shoulders above every other art site out there.

I have to confess, I can't stand Miyazaki anymore personally, but I do enjoy some of Ghibli's films. I don't agree with his recent opinions especially, but considering his age and experiences in the industry, I can't begrudge him for feeling that way. It's interesting at least to see the process of some of the studio; I can at least enjoy that creative process.

As always, you have found fascinating things, and I adore the fantasy tutorials -- they're so delightful! That hand app will also surely help many, many artists! Hands are so often one of the most difficult things for any artist to depict.

Thank you so much for all your continued work for this community. It is because of your care and effort that it remains the best.


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Topic: heya.

DA is the cesspit of art sites and you're better off going almost anywhere else. Fortunately, you chose the best art site online, at least in my opinion! PaperDemon is head and shoulders above the others.

Hope you do stay -- participate, be active, do art! It's a good thing.


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Topic: Hello!

Welcome welcome! Smile I'm intermittently around but it's great to see interest in the site and activity on it! This is the best art site out there, bar none.

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This is still my favorite art site that has ever existed, and I maintain it's the best then and now!


It does seem almost unimaginable that it's over ten years old now though! It's a bit mind-blowing to me!


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Coming off as kind of a little rude here, Inuyoujo. There are plenty of people here and plenty of people active here, and overall the community is overwhelmingly more positive than any other comparable site I've ever been on.

And Arkillian is completely right, it is depressing to see the discrepancies in tumblr appreciation for drek versus legitimately great things -- not saying that getting lots of notes is always a sign of drek, but it happens more than not -- and fandom wankery, especially when fandoms inevitably turn toxic.

The thing is, people post art for a variety of reasons, but we don't tend to create art just for our own private pleasure, or else we wouldn't even be online and certainly wouldn't be sharing it. It's rewarding, whether in terms of spreading joy, connecting with someone with your feelings and emotions expressed through your art, or making a living and helping in self-promotion; these and more are reasons why we post art. And they're more than reason enough for tumblr to be disappointing and the lack of support for artists there to be daunting.

That said, I'm more active on tumblr simply because I usually find it easy to use, but that's just because I've been on there so long. I have had some problems on pinterest with account hacking I think? It's a confusing site for me and I really tend not to like it. I am intrigued by this Wysp that someone mentioned though, but it's yet another social site and I'm stretched thin. Still, I'll bookmark it for future reference!

I basically tweet and tumble these days, but I tend to post whatever I post on my art tumblr here and at the couple of other sites I post on, though of course DA's much more limited in what I toss up there.


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Wow, thank you very much! I'll see if it's still doing it and send a screenshot straight away!

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I just wanted to let you know I'm experiencing the following bugs:

- I can't send new private messages to anyone. It tells me I don't have permission to submit new Art. I can presumably send messages in existing conversations, but it doesn't show up like it did before and scroll down to that message after refreshing; it just tells me the message was sent.

- I can't edit or delete blog entries. If I try to edit, it tells me that I am somehow not authorised to do that on my own blog. If I try to delete, it merely doesn't do anything.

- This is more in the way of a suggestion, but it took me a while to find out how to edit blog posts at all. It would definitely be a lot easier if I could locate something on the page of the post itself to edit it.

Hope this isn't too big of a problem. I love the site and just want to help it be the best it can be!