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A chance to illustrate an original Sci-Fi or Fantasy story. Bring to visual life a world that's never been done before in our Big Bang Challenge. Earn 60XP for every submission.

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Topic: heya.

DA is the cesspit of art sites and you're better off going almost anywhere else. Fortunately, you chose the best art site online, at least in my opinion! PaperDemon is head and shoulders above the others.

Hope you do stay -- participate, be active, do art! It's a good thing.


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Topic: Hello!

Welcome welcome! Smile I'm intermittently around but it's great to see interest in the site and activity on it! This is the best art site out there, bar none.

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This is still my favorite art site that has ever existed, and I maintain it's the best then and now!


It does seem almost unimaginable that it's over ten years old now though! It's a bit mind-blowing to me!


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Coming off as kind of a little rude here, Inuyoujo. There are plenty of people here and plenty of people active here, and overall the community is overwhelmingly more positive than any other comparable site I've ever been on.

And Arkillian is completely right, it is depressing to see the discrepancies in tumblr appreciation for drek versus legitimately great things -- not saying that getting lots of notes is always a sign of drek, but it happens more than not -- and fandom wankery, especially when fandoms inevitably turn toxic.

The thing is, people post art for a variety of reasons, but we don't tend to create art just for our own private pleasure, or else we wouldn't even be online and certainly wouldn't be sharing it. It's rewarding, whether in terms of spreading joy, connecting with someone with your feelings and emotions expressed through your art, or making a living and helping in self-promotion; these and more are reasons why we post art. And they're more than reason enough for tumblr to be disappointing and the lack of support for artists there to be daunting.

That said, I'm more active on tumblr simply because I usually find it easy to use, but that's just because I've been on there so long. I have had some problems on pinterest with account hacking I think? It's a confusing site for me and I really tend not to like it. I am intrigued by this Wysp that someone mentioned though, but it's yet another social site and I'm stretched thin. Still, I'll bookmark it for future reference!

I basically tweet and tumble these days, but I tend to post whatever I post on my art tumblr here and at the couple of other sites I post on, though of course DA's much more limited in what I toss up there.


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Wow, thank you very much! I'll see if it's still doing it and send a screenshot straight away!

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I just wanted to let you know I'm experiencing the following bugs:

- I can't send new private messages to anyone. It tells me I don't have permission to submit new Art. I can presumably send messages in existing conversations, but it doesn't show up like it did before and scroll down to that message after refreshing; it just tells me the message was sent.

- I can't edit or delete blog entries. If I try to edit, it tells me that I am somehow not authorised to do that on my own blog. If I try to delete, it merely doesn't do anything.

- This is more in the way of a suggestion, but it took me a while to find out how to edit blog posts at all. It would definitely be a lot easier if I could locate something on the page of the post itself to edit it.

Hope this isn't too big of a problem. I love the site and just want to help it be the best it can be!


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I've just started up a fundraiser to help defer the bulk of a friend's essential medical costs. He will literally die if he doesn't get surgery, and soon, and I decided that I wasn't about to accept I started an anthology project to raise funds!

You can find out more about it here:

We're not just looking for donations, we're also open to more participants! We'd especially love to see short comics, but whatever you can do will be a huge help to the project. And we'd still be delighted with just a signal boost, spreading the word as much as you can. We're also happy to have you participate if you'd like to just offer commissions and donate a portion to the fundraiser. Please help! There's more details on the website, and specifics for participants here:

Deadline for submissions is 30 November 2013.

Thanks so much in advance. I will be absolutely grateful for any help!


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I'm honestly not sure I'd call them a 'leader' in much of anything except a race to the bottom. Pretty much no-one I've ever met of any remotely professional approach cares for DA, at best -- most people, even those who only dally in art, hate DA with a passion. They don't have a good reputation for quality or professionalism, and I think the only thing they stand out in most people's minds with is shameless profiteering with very low quality. Also censorship, of course, but not of any things that they purport to stand against, like hate speech, et cetera -- no, the only things they really stand up to take from their site are nudity and sexuality, unless of course the subject is hot lesbians that they can objectify.

DeviantArt is absolutely vile. I do think that, unquestionably, eventually another art community will blow them out of the water, but I think really the best thing to do is just to support separate communities rather than one mass group of people that aren't really a community. DA is basically just a bunch of people smashed together who don't really take their art seriously, or anyone else's for that matter; it's in the smaller and closer sites, where you actually find community, where art actually thrives and people actually create.

I do think people on the whole are moving beyond the whole 'oh my god can't look at sex/nudity' and I can only hope so. Nudity doesn't equal sex (but apparently a lot of websites imagine it does) and in any case, it's not an unnatural thing. But as I've said many times before, most people will never see brutal, graphic violence in their lives, but most people will see sex, even participate in it. Why, then, is sexuality and even nudity such a supposedly controversial thing, whereas violence tends to get a free pass? Ridiculous.


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DA is one of those places that's just too big for its britches, so to speak, but they've always gone forward with that exact attitude. It's also a tremendously biased site; try to get something endorsing hate speech or bigotry taken down? Forget it. Want to get rid of a male nude piece? It'll be down within five minutes, almost certainly guaranteed.

As I said in the quote, the thing that had me really just snap and leave the site for years was the abject idiocy shown with a picture that had a man falling back, with his coat and various other things indicating action, indicating a shift in gravity that would have looked bizarre without his penis moving as well. So I drew it realistically and, of course, it got targeted for showing an 'erection', which was laughable.

DA have a 'fetish' category -- why?

But yes, they're notoriously awful towards anything male and sensual, erotic, or even just nude. They have a massive homophobic presence on staff, and they're a joke in trying to get anything done. They have no real sense of community, and pretty much every aspect of the site is leaned towards monetising it and exploiting the members of the site. It's really sickening.

The only remotely good aspect of it anymore is that it's become so bloated and overblown that they really can't hope to take down all of the male nudes and even some rather explicit there you have it, the best part of DA these days is that they simply can't be bothered to do much of anything. Which really, when you think about it, is probably the worst 'good' thing any site could have.


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On the media used, under digital media I'd love it if there were an 'other' option, as I use Easy Paint Tool SAI for most all of my purely digital works. I've just been clicking Oekaki as it's the closest, 'Other' catch-all -- or if you like, a SAI option -- would be much, much appreciated!  Smile