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A chance to illustrate an original Sci-Fi or Fantasy story. Bring to visual life a world that's never been done before in our Big Bang Challenge. Earn 60XP for every submission.

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In creating my blog I found a little, minor typo. Just a flip of an i and e!

It reads:

'Please breifly describe'

but that should probably be 'briefly'.

It's on the blog creation page, where it asks you to describe the content of your blog.

I hope this helps a little bit. It'll probably be easy to fix, at least. Smile


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It would be very nice to have more descriptive terms, because as I wrote back to you, some of the categories were chosen on my work because of others using them as wide blanket terms and, thus, I felt it would be accurate due to that use. It may be misuse, but 'bishounen' has become something of a catch-all (even by some Japanese speakers) as 'pretty boy' (of any age). It may be best to just be as general and in-English as possible, wherever possible.

For categories and so forth, if you could please please add a comic-derived category, I would really appreciate it. There are Misc. classifications for just about everything but comics, and there are a lot of comic artists here and comic-derived artists, comic fans, etc.

Thanks very much. I know you're doing your best. But some of the current categories are just not working, especially as some of the recategorised things were not recategorised in a way that was even consistent with the descriptions of the categories during the submission process, and I'm still disgruntled about that.

EDIT: Thanks for the Western comics category!! I am *really* grateful for that, a thousand times thank you! This is why I love PaperDemon, people here actually listen and give a care.

Thanks again. That made my day!

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Topic: Odd Error

I'm not entirely sure what this is or what it means, but when attempting to upload a new work, I've received this:

[[error msg removed for security reasons]]

I've not been able to upload a thing, and even if I press back, it clears all the fields. Any ideas? I hope this is cleared up soon...sorry to bear bad news!

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Haha, I know you said you quite liked him...I'm very grateful. He's Lord Shiva!

I hope everyone will enjoy him. Smile


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I don't know if it's welcome to promote one's own webcomics here, but I do work very, very hard on them and I am very happy with them. They both have their share of readers, and I would like to think that they are a lot of fun for the people who do read them.

Incubus Tales - The adventures of an Incubus shopkeeper named Dhiar, across the dimensions of reality itself. This title is for mature audiences only and does contain adult content. However, it's not just a meaningless sex comic; on the contrary, it's a burlesque, with what I like to think of as intelligent satire and commentary, as well as sensuality.

I've linked to the site that is actually technically the mirror, since the main site is having technical usual, unfortunately.

Kallikrates Elpis - This comic is set in ancient Greece and aims to be not only entertaining, but also educational. Free educational packets are available for download, with more coming! This is a comic updated three times weekly. It follows the adventures of a mysterious sage named Kallikrates and his friends, in a world populated by gods, heroes, and monsters.

I do hope you'll all enjoy these. Kallikrates Elpis is for all ages, so please don't worry about visiting it. Incubus Tales is however, as noted, adults only.

Thanks so much!


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I'm very happy with the following:

art thumb - This is a picture that I was inspired to do by a vision, but the pencils were let sit for over a year before I got around to finishing it. It's only recently that I was able to dig up my scanner that actually scans coloured pencil, pastels, and watercolours and such decently, so I suppose it's just as well. Smile

art thumb - One of my favourites of one of my favourite subjects -- Luceferos, or Lucifer! I did this particular piece to get myself back in the feel to do a comic that I'm going to be bringing online, which is art nouveau/jugendstil themed in terms of look, called Pandemonium Renaissance.

art thumb - A very quick portrait of a character whom I adore, but I think it turned out well. I wanted to give him the innocent sweetness that is part of him, with an undercurrent of mischief. I think it worked!

I'm pleased with others too, I just need to get them uploaded here! I love PaperDemon, I just also like to give the people here a chance to digest my artwork before putting up more. I'll be posting some more very soon.


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Honestly, there's no need for you to be sorry!

But really this is *the* best system for critiques I have ever seen.  Every other place I've ever been is so crap about this.  You can either say 'I don't want critiques' or 'you have carte blanche', usually.  But here, you can say what *kind* of feedback you'd like, and that is absolutely brilliant, especially with how you've done it.  It even reminds you at the comment box.

I'm really, really impressed and really grateful too.  Thanks so much, again, for doing this.  This place is now the only gallery of its kind that I've ever felt this way about.  I'm really, really grateful. Smile


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That is absolutely awesome.  Thank you so much, I'm really really grateful to have this feature and I appreciate its implementation.  I think it's absolutely magnificent!