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On Jun 20, 2009 3:39 pm, ladyHisoka said:

HOw about we just put them in hermapherdite because hermhims go the other way too!



Because like i said they're NOT the same.

I have NO idea what you mean by "hermhims" ,but they don't go either way. transgrenders (one genital) =/= herms (both genitals).

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On Jun 18, 2009 4:36 pm, Jilly said:

It's good to have you back! :]


Thaank ya!

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Yep. I just started submiting art ,and i ALREADY found some things.

1. Why doesn't herms have an age group like the other genders? Just asking ,really...

I suggest it be added.

2. Add Transgender, because trans and Herms aren't the some. For some reason that's a misconception.

That's all for now!

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On Jun 17, 2009 8:39 am, Minimaid said:

Welcome back.  Smile


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On Jun 16, 2009 1:00 pm, BogusRed said:

If you know their hiring but they said they aren't, it's possible they are only looking for referrals from current employees.

That's a good point.

On Jun 16, 2009 7:20 pm, arkillian said:

Are you asking the right person? You might be asking someone who doesn't know cause it's not their buisness. There's nothing wrong with door knocking though. They have to understand that its a resession, and jobs are scarce. Door knocking is very proactive Smile  You need to talk to the right people though.

Sometimes... It depends ,tho. Some say they are hiring and some say they aren't.

I asked someone at work ,and she said you have to go up there. You can't talk to those dumbies on the phone. =/

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Grim Tails

Cuanta Vida - Don't worry. It's English.

Sugar Bits - Starts off slow ,but it's cool.

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My thread still live?


You all have lovely and impressive songs!

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On Jun 15, 2009 3:15 pm, arkillian said:

Welcome back to Paper demon hon ^^ Long time no see ^^  Hug


Thank ya!

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Hay ,u gusies! Long time ,no see!

I'm in a bit of a fix. I have a job now ,but i want to get a new one. I want to go to a food store ,but they say they're not hiring ,but i know they are.

What should i do? Just be direct: Go up there and directly ask for the hiring manager ,or what?

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I see my last thread as Neko was locked.

I read it before LOOKING at that to see someone thought i was bashing yaoi art. Just to clear that up I wasn't bashing, but i am STILL highly annoied gay men seem to "rule". Thanks to those that actually tiried to explain their opinons on why ,and stay on subject instead of bashing me form being annoyed with gay men art.

Intsead of asking WHY I've decided to be a motion for the movement.

I will draw you some GIRL ON GIRL SEX!

My standards or significantly low on what i will and won't do as far as females are concerned.

I'll do fanart of your favorite series (doesn't have to be a gay female series), and your own originals that you love. I'll also mix the 2. Favorite

Softcore and hardcore are both good. They don't have to be human, but they have to be humaniod!

No fetishes in relation to scat or watersport. I like cum shot tho (and YES females can do that!).

Anything else will just be discussed later with you if you want to get a request. If you want an art trade I'll take that ,too.

Ok, post! Big Smile