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Ooh, I love heated arguments! Grin

Just thought I'd put in my two cents. I am neither for nor against the death penalty, as I could make valid points for either side. I don't "approve" of it, I guess you could say, but I understand its purpose. After all, if it were a completely stupid idea, nobody would still use it, right?

I don't think the death penalty is completely a form of punishment. It's intended to get rid of a person for good, so they can never do what they did again. I agree with Rasilverstorm about locking people away forever instead of killing them, as this would achieve the same end and still allow for sudden evidence proving innocence or something. Unfortunately, there is never total ensurance that a convicted murderer won't escape prison, even under tight security. The risk certainly lessens the higher the security, but the higher you go, the more expensive you get. I don't know how costs compare between death penalty equipment and high-security prisons, but they can't be too far off, can they?

While I agree with you a little, Rasilverstorm, it seems to me like your argument is rather contradictory. It sounds like you're saying you oppose the death penalty because it is morally wrong. Are you then saying that locking a person in solitary confinement for the rest of their life is morally better? It seems to me like, after a year or so in that place, I'd be begging for death.

If I had to pick a side, I lean more against the death penalty, but really only because you can never be completely sure that a person is guilty of a murder. There have been cases of evidence being found after a convict was put to death that proved their innocence. If there were a realistically feasible way of keeping convicts alive but imprisoned, I would vouch for that; it just seems like it's safest to kill them permanently.

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Topic: Severus Snape

Emmet... are you saying you're reading the fifth book before you read the others???


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Topic: Severus Snape


Severus Snape is not, in any way, shape, or form, evil. He's mean, he's nasty, he's biased, and he holds wicked grudges, but he isn't evil. Lucius Malfoy is evil. Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort are evil. Snape is not evil. He can't be. I embellished on this theory in my Harry Potter topic (in the Writing forum), but all I'll say here (because there's no [SPOILER] tag thing in the topic heading) is that he's not evil. He's definitely a good guy. He just doesn't like Harry because he didn't like James.

I don't especially like Snape; I think he's cool, but he can be really frustrating.

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Ooh, I Heart LOVE Heart coloring books!! Grin I made one last year for the book Life of Pi (by Yann Martel—if any of you haven't read it, you should). The actual novel's got its dark parts (it's about this kid who gets shipwrecked at sea and has to make friends with a tiger... Ponder Don't ask. Just read it.). My coloring/activity book was made as a school project, so it covers all the main ideas, but if anyone wanted I could just take out the un-kiddish parts and submit a G-rated version.

Or I could submit it how it is.

Btb, if we do make coloring books (which I think is an absolutely terrific-ly WICKED idea), are they going to be like the Disney ones where they actually tell the story? Like, each page has a couple sentences summing up a main point? That's what my coloring book is like.

Can I make a Harry Potter coloring book? Or is it illegal to sell trademarked characters? Where should we submit coloring books? They'd be kind of long to just submit one at a time as our own artwork... Should there be some kind of sub-section to the artwork where we can submit several pieces at a time, comprising one coloring book, maybe? Or should we just email everything directly to BogusRed? Just thoughts.

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On Dec 8, 2005 10:35 am, karana kaou said:
I get offered alcohol 24/7 because people always assume I'm over 21.

Urgh, I know what you mean! This one time, it was funny (but actually kind of creepy...): I was at Applebee's with my mom (who is into her forties, btb), and we're sitting at one of the booths talking, and the dude comes 'round and asks for drink orders. My mom orders some alcoholic beverage (maybe it was a margarita), and the dude cards her. Strangely, this is not an entirely rare occurence. So, my mom hands him her license, and he looks at the DoB and just goes O.O! . My mom was like, "yeah, I'm her mother," and he goes, "Oh! I thought you two were, like, friends or something!"

This creeps me out. She's in her forties, and I was like fourteen or fifteen or something. She doesn't look fourteen, and I don't look forty (...shudder...), so if you split the difference, that means we both looked around thirty. O.O!

I know I don't look thirty, so I guess he must have thought we were in our twenties, but still... my mom looking fifteen years younger than she actually is... it just gives me the creeps. End of story.

Once, I was eating out with my extended family (six adults and five kids), and my mom ordered a bottle of wine and six wine glasses. The dude looks around the table quickly, nods, and says to me, "You're twenty-one, of course?"

I was thirteen.


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Sweet sixteen, woot! Bounce A lot of sixteen-year-olds, huh? Slant Hmm. Weird. Anyway...

I am NOT immature! I don't care what you... you meanie-heads say! I am a growed-up young woman! I'm NOT a baby! You are all poo-heads. Sad


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Ahhh... good point, Lady Anime, about Dumbledore wanting to see Snape.

I had assumed it was because Snape is the Potions Master, and Dumbly wanted him to whip up a quick antidote, but perhaps I am wrong...

OH!!! How about this: Dumbledore knew all along that Draco was supposed to kill him? Maybe he also knew about Snape and the Unbreakable Vow... Dumbledore's telling Draco that he's not a murderer and he doesn't have to do this, blah blah blah, because he knows Draco's not an evil person and he doesn't want him to get tangled in all this "Dark Wizard" business. However, if Draco doesn't kill Dumbledore, Snape has to, or he'll die. Dumbly knows this, too, so he is concerned that Snape get there in time. Snape is a very powerful asset to The Good Guys (being the double-agent I'm sure he is), and his death may be the final key to Voldemort's taking over of the world. Which would be bad.

AH! That's an awesome theory! Grin I'm proud of myself now.

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On Dec 1, 2005 9:36 am, Psycho Kitty Net said:
Call me simple, but I just think Snape is a rotten egg.

You're not simple. That's just what everyone's supposed to think. If Snape were evil, J.K. wouldn't have made such a huge stink though the entire series of how much Dumbledore trusts him.

Tangent: Draco and his mom aren't evil, either. Draco's nasty, and he thinks he follows Voldemort (because he's been brought up that way), but it's also been made very clear that Draco is a coward. When he fails to kill Dumbledore at the end of HBP, he knows very well what his punishment will be. What would he be more afraid of: killing a man or being murdered by the Dark Lord? Draco has enough moral sense in him to choose death over killing.

Narcissa's not evil, either. She knows Voldemort will kill her baby if Draco doesn't kill Dumbledore, so she commissions Snape to do it in case Draco fails. If she were evil, why would she bother? Lucius clearly doesn't care one way or the other if his kid bites the big one; he's evil, no doubt about that. Narcissa, though, takes extra precautions to make sure Draco doesn't die. Also — and this is important — she trusts Snape. The only person we've really seen trusting Snape is Dumbledore. It seems like most of the Death Eaters don't trust him — including Bellatrix — so for Narcissa to trust him tells me she's not all that evil.

Yeah, just me rambling. Mucho de sorry. ^ ^;;

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Okay, so I definitely think Snape is a good guy.

J.K. is the master of subliminal hints. At the begininning of the book, when Bellatrix and Narcissa visit Snape, he is reluctant to make the Unbreakable Vow that he will take over for Draco should he fail in his task. Dumbledore trusts Snape. He always has. When Snape kills Dumbledore at the end, I think it is mostly because he made the Vow to Narcissa. It was either him or Dumbledore. Part of him was afraid of dying, and the other part knew if he didn't do it, and Draco didn't do it, the other Death Eaters would do it. Dumbledore was dead. Nothing anyone could do about it.

Snape, however, feels wicked guilty about it afterward (whether it was his choice or not, he just killed Albus Dumbledore). Remember when Harry's chasing after him, and Snape keeps going, "DON'T CALL ME A COWARD!!!! AAHHH!!!!" Well, he feels a little bit like he was being a coward by sacrificing Dumbledore's life for his own. That's my thought, anyway.

My mom says the potion Dumbledore drank was going to kill him anyway, and Dumbledore knew that, and Snape knew that, and Snape was just putting him out of his misery. I don't believe her, though. You don't put Dumbledore out of his misery. You just don't.

My dad and I agree that Snape has to have a big part in the next book. We're sure he has to be the link to Harry's killing Voldemort; Snape has to do something huge, and probably sacrifice his life in the process (though I don't want Snape to die, *sniff*), so that Harry can finish the Dark Lord off. Lucius is going to go, I think, as are most of the Death Eaters, and possibly Draco (again, *sniff*). I don't really think she'd kill Draco, though, because I don't really think Draco's evil. If he were, he would have had no qualms about killing Dumbledore. To have Draco die an enemy when he really isn't would be insane. If she has Draco killed, she'll have to prove that he's on the good guy side first. Else I shall be deeply saddened. Sad

My dad thinks Harry's going to die. I think that's dumb. He's the Boy Who Lived. He can't die. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all going to come out alive. Definitely.

Oh, and McGonagall is Headmistress next book!!! Wheeeee!!! Grin

Oh, and who's R. A. B? My dad thinks it's "Remus and Black," but that doesn't make much sense to me (first name and last name?). So I have no clue.

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Enh... I know that's a really vague title, so I'll be more specific: two things I want to talk about. But first...


Right. Actually, the first thing has nothing to do with the sixth book. I sort of wanted to talk about how AWESOME Jason Isaacs is (he's one of my newest 'heroes...' Sweat Drop ). He plays Mr. M, if you didn't know. I don't know. I just think he's cool. I like his snake-head cane.

Mr. M: Me, too! Dual purpose: I can whack people with it, and I can curse them! *whips out wand from nifty "hiding" place* Mwahahahaha!

Second is about the sixth book. Basically, I wanted to know people's opinions of Snape. I won't say what happens in this post to give those few people who haven't read the book and yet are still reading this topic even though I gave them fair of warning... etc. I just want to know if people think he's good or evil, and what they think is going to happen in the final book. Again, I have my ideas, but I'll save them for later. Grin