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Okay, I just finished mine.

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I have a question - When you say "American" cartoons, do they have to be specifically from America, or can they just be western-styled cartoons? Like this? (notice that the characters are western-styled cartoons, but not actually from America, and this is a game, not a cartoon)

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Um, actually, I'm not jealous, I'm single, I'm happy with it, and I'm not confused about it. I don't feel like I've been put on this planet for the sole purpose of reproducing either. 

I'm perfectly content with single life, and I don't feel doomed just because I can't offer any love to other people, or that I'm unwilling to share my life with someone else on a more personal level, or have no desire for children. And I'm sure there are plenty of other people like that too. Society has simply just made these people unpopular by convention; that's all.


There's really nothing wrong with being single, not that you really need to be told that. What I would like to know though is if you are content with being single, why would you be jealous? Is there something couples have that you don't have that you envy?

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I'd be interested in joining, since I've done lineart like this and collaborated successfully with someone else before, but am I too late to join?

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On Aug 13, 2011 8:48 am, BogusRed said:

I just went over to yG to see the contest. So Zyphen was disqualified? That is pretty crazy stuff. I bet a lot of people got mad over that since she has such a huge following. 

I like the little version of the Adr!an character. I thought that was sexy and cute at the same time.

I had not heard fo the term "bara" so I had to look it up on Wikipedia and educate myself. ^.^

Interesting that a lot of the art has gone that way. I haven't been active there in a while but I remember most of the art looking more bishounen like.

Yes, it did at some point look rather bishi. As Arkillian said, the shifting of the rules regarding feminine characteristics is probably what drove away the artists who made borderline, effeminate characters.

And yes, they did get pretty mad. She even wrote about it on her journal entry. Personally though, I think they should have been concentrating on complaining about the rule than complaining about her being disqualfied because none of that would have happened if they hadn't thought to make that rule.

I believe she got disqualified because they made a rule not to post a link to the contest poll because they didn't want people voting out of popularity. Which is fair, I think because a lot of people who like your art probably do because they're interested in the subject matter you draw; I don't doubt there are a few people who like your art quite simply because of the quality, but it seems there's more emphasis on subject matter these days, if the popularity of fanart is anything to go by. And if people find out about the contest from your journal entry, they're quite likely to vote out of taste rather than fairness, otherwise they wouldn't likely be reading your journal entry unless they're watching you, and they wouldn't be watching you unless they like your art. It's not even as if her submission was removed; people can still see it and fave it and all, and it's not against the ToS; it's only against the contest rules. But that doesn't stop people from getting pissed off.

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Just thought I should update you guys on the mascot contest situation, and it's just become another target for dramafest. Basically, they picked the top six (seven? I believe they just made a slip up, that's all) mascots they wanted people to vote on, and people got unhappy because there were only one or two mascots that didn't look all that manly. Which surprised me because I was only keeping track of artists, and not the viewers. Apparently, there are probably more viewers that dislike bara than I thought there would be; the reason it wasn't obvious was because there are probably more active artists who draw bara on that site than before, but that tells me nothing about who's looking at the art. I think what broke the camel's back is the fact that the mascot that was winning was disqualified for perfectly good reasons that a few people disagreed with. There was drama over it because people were unhappy that the mascot they picked wasn't going to be in the voting anymore, and some people even tried to blame the mods for it because they thought they didn't want it to win. It's been suggested that they allow an option for "none" to be picked, just to please all the people that didn't like any of the choices. I even found a comment from someone who said they should all vote none because all the entries up there don't represent what yaoi stands for (as if that means anything on Y!Gallery).

Some interesting comments came up from people who even found some entries offensive because they think it encourages bad stereotypes of gay people. Which was interesting because I hadn't known about that until they explained it to me.

I don't think any of this is going to threaten Y!Gallery's existence. What it might do, however, is make more people aware of what they're doing (one of the commentators told me he showed the mascot designs to a gay friend), and make more people aware of the diversity that exists on that site. Which I actually like because it's being brought to light. I love it when a gallery supports diverse art.

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I think one of the other reasons (or excuses, I guess) people use for jealousy is that they believe that art is all about talent, so you either have it, or you don't. And I don't think that's true at all. There's no such thing as talent. There is such a thing as people starting at a particular level that happens to be higher than most people's but that doesn't mean they don't have to work at it either; they simply just have a headstart.

Life drawings are a very valuable means of improvement in art. Perhaps people are subconsciously asking themselves why their image doesn't look nearly as good as it the things they're drawing, and maybe it just starts from there.

This is one of the things I often tell people. That getting better can sometimes be horrifying in strange ways. If you improve, it means your older pieces will look worse. At the time you drew them, they probably looked alright to you (and this process can sometimes take even a matter of half an hour or so), but when you get better, you also get better at noticing flaws in your own artwork. But that's true not just for your own art, but everyone else's. You might find at some point that you enjoyed someone else's work, and you thought it looked great. But if you come back a few years later, it might not look as impressive as you thought it was.

A converse exercise to the one you suggested is to buy works from an artist that you like particularly. And then keep improving and drawing and getting better. Eventually, you'll find the works you admire might not be as impressive as you thought they were.

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And it is sometimes frustrating that fanart, regardless of how well thought out it is, or how well it's drawn, gets more attention, faves and comments than original work does. I understand why though, which is why I draw fanart occasionally. I use it as a means of luring people in to see the other stuff I have.

But since it seems people only really care about seeing their favorite characters, there seems to be less emphasis on good, creative art and more emphasis on characters that most people like.

But I can't change how people feel about what art they like to see. It would just be nice if more people cared about good, creative art.

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Well, that applies to just about anything, really. You do art because you enjoy it. You learn it because you want to get better at it. It's the same with sports. You may like it, and you might do it for fun, but it helps to care about learning it if you want to get better at it. Learning doesn't mean it doesn't have to be fun either though; if you already like it, learning it isn't really considered a chore in the first place.

I am well aware that there are people who draw just for fun. I don't object if they don't ever want to learn or improve. But on the other hand, I think there are people who genuinely care about getting better, and I think they should be aware that learning for the sake of improving art does mean you have to care.

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There's actually been a few incidents regarding stealing on DA recently that I've heard of. A couple of months ago, someone submitted a colored work to a coloring club, and I think they almost didn't catch it, but they found out that the guy had been copying someone else's coloring work and just used some filters to tweak the colors and a few other minor details that didn't involve a lot of work. There was lots of drama. And another time, the same club had to reject or remove a few linearts because they were tracing scans or screenshots of Naruto manga pages or the anime, and they almost considered not allowing fanart because of all the people trying to pass off traced works as lineart. I met someone there who believed it was perfectly alright to trace scans of popular manga pages or screenshots of anime because they believed that someone should make all this lineart available to other people for coloring, and they had this strange notion that it was perfectly fine to do this, so long as they credited the artist. Well, that would actually be fine, so long as they're not claiming it's art, but that's not really the problem; the problem is that tracing doesn't require any effort, so if anyone really wanted to color a scan, they could just trace it themselves. And secondly, their idea of crediting the artist apparently doesn't involve making it clear that they traced the artwork in the first place. And when I pointed out a few of these things, they threw a hissy fit.

I was once told by someone that they found someone on DA stealing my artwork. And while I don't consider that artwork to be particularly good anymore, we ended up reporting the guy, and he got banned. I'm surprised DA actually worked that time.