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Whoo...looks like I'm pretty late.  Tongue   Ech.  Anyway, welcome Evilmonk, and hello again Azzy. Wave I'm a bit new to the forums, too, and I even messed up when I was posting one topic, but everyone was really understanding about it.  Which is very cool, considering I mess up alot. Laughing I just hope you're all still generous when I mess up again! Laughing

I'll be sure to check out your work, Evilmonk.  Corky Smile   Your wife's, too.

Gohan rocks!! Bounce

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Okay!  Thanks! ^_^

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Just a quick question - Can I submit poems? Scratching Head

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Aw, geez.  I'm sorry. Oh No! I'm still trying to get used to the site.  But I think I got the hang of things now.  Thanks everyone!

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Topic: Hello, world!

My goodness!  I was only gone from the site for a couple of days and I've been swarmed with welcomes!  I feel so welcomed! Grin

Anyway, as for MoonDemon's question, my cousin doesn't have an account on Paperdemon, but she's been here a few times to admire the art (I can see why, too.  Wow!) and she happened to tell me about it the night I got my account.  I'm glad to hear that Yaoi fans are welcome.  Thumbs Up

Saiyangirl4ever, thanks very much for the tour.  Corky Smile   And I heard about the Red Curtain.  Evil

Thank you BogusRed for the warm welcome...s.  Laughing

And...oh, everyone else, too!  Smile   You guys rock so much!  I could...I could just Cry   I'm so happy!

Oh yes, and Saiyangirl4ever, thank you for the warning about the crazies here. Wacko But I think I'll blend in just fine.

See ya!


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Can anybody recommend a good site for me to find an avatar? Scratching Head   I never really needed one before now, so I don't know any sites, myself.

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Topic: Hello, world!

Hello everyone!  The name's Dollmaker, and I'm a new addition to the PaperDemon Haven!  And might I say that I am very happy to be here.


Anyway, a little bit about me, I'm a yaoi fan (always have been, always will be) and my favorite Manga-ka is CLAMP.

I like to both write and draw, but I write more.  Mostly poems, but I'm working on a couple short stories at the moment.  And I'm not afraid to recieve a little bit of criticism.  As it said on the upload page - Roast me!  Laughing

Well, I think I'm really going to like being here on PaperDemon, and I'm glad I found out about it (Thanks to my cousin, who told me about it!).  Thank you all!!