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About Me

Hi! *waves*

I'm a self taught artist/writer, for the most part, meaning I've learned along the way from some great people as well as figured things out for myself.

I'm basically what I like to call a sketch artist, in that soemthing I've spent 15-20 minutes on means the same to me as something someone else has devoted 15-20 hours to. I'll find some old sketches to stick up here as that's more representative of my work than the stuff I've CGed.

My guily pleasure is the Shichinintai from Inuyasha. Just the idea of having 7 guys do the work of hundreds amazes me. So I've been spending a lot of time with them in my head as I write about them as they're such great personalities. Eventually I'll draw all of them, but for now I only have Bankotsu done & a mostly finished sketch of Jakotsu. *sighs*


Please take a minute to visit my lovely beta's gallery!! Thank you notoes for all your help!! *glomps you*


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