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About Me

Well, hello there, folks.

You can call me Selene18. I am a 32 year old hellish entity in charge of torturing all men that comes to my personal inferno. I am Venezuelan (yes, I do come from the HOT southern lands, mwehehehe ( Evil Evil Evil ), I love drawing porn most of the time, learning foreign languages and of course, reaping the so-called “critics” who are nothing than a disgrace to our fandom.

Ok, some more info:

a- Official job: Majoring in Modern Languages (almost there, almost there xDDD), which means I speak more than one language. Feel free to speak me either in Spanish (native tongue), English or French.

b- Adores: ( Heart Heart Heart ) foreign languages, yaoi, amusement parks (especially thrill and extremes rides *0*), RPG by msn/forums, drawing/writing hardcore arts/fics and watching Saint Seiya.

c- Hates to death: ( Mad Mad Mad ) Homophobes, children, cocky brats, flamers (regardless if they draw/write better than me, a flamer is a flamer!), puritans, art thieves, plagiarists, intolerants, tyrants, happy-go-reporters, bastards, bullies, evil-minded stalkers, fake-critics, liars. I also hate MPREG, shotakon and hetero stuff (especially fluffy hetero -it causes me tooth decay- ¬¬ ).

d- Fetish tools of choice: ( Evil Evil Evil ) BDSM, incest, rape, pain, bondage, perversions, angst, erotic tortures, fisting, toys, extreme piercings.

3 things to take into account in order to get along peacefully:

1- When I put warnings, please heed them! I really hate people complaining after a previous warning! I know here is not a common thing anymore -thanks god- but still it is better to prevent than regretting later.

2- If you want to give me constructive criticism, go for it, but in a nice way and always with the will of helping, not for the sake of trying to degrade me or my works or looking down upon me. In the first case, I will love you to bits, but in the other case, I will put you in your rightful place and then block you off my sight… please, help me avoiding this by just being nice… I’ll appreciate it a lot!

3- Don’t slam your preferences on me! I hate that to death! I will respect yours even if I don’t share them, and I expect you to do the same with me! Also, please, when I tell you that I don’t like something, DON’T question nor harass me! Otherwise consider yourself ignored! I’m in no mood to be quarrelling, seriously.

A big pleasure to meet you all! Wave

Selene18 Darkside & Zuster

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I'm remaking my gallery and uploading only my most recent and polished stuff. Also, info for comissions coming up next.


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