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About Me

You can call me thay zuster{CVB} or just thay. I was formerly known as selene18 on most of my sites. I am Venezuelan and I'm 32 years old.

I'm just a simple artist who draws for mere hobby and nothing else. I am selftaught; I've spent almost all my life drawing and I haven't taken any courses to learn what I know.

My main materials for working are mainly digital tools, since I'm comfortable with them. However, seldomly I will draw with traditional tools. I'll be using pencil and copic markers.

My style could be defined as a "fusion" of different styles (anime and semirealism). Whilst it's true I began with anime and sticked with it for years, I've been evolving to something a bit more personal.

Ok, some more info:

a- Official job: Modern languages graduate, soon-to-be-working translator. Feel free to speak me either in Spanish (native tongue), English or French.

b- Adores: ( Heart Heart Heart ) foreign languages, yaoi, amusement parks (especially thrill and extremes rides *0*), RPG by msn/forums, drawing/writing hardcore arts/fics and watching Saint Seiya.

c- Hates to death: ( Mad Mad Mad ) Homophobes, children, cocky brats, flamers (regardless if they draw/write better than me, a flamer is a flamer!), puritans, art thieves, plagiarists, intolerants, tyrants, happy-go-reporters, bastards, bullies, evil-minded stalkers, fake-critics, liars. I also hate MPREG, shotakon and hetero stuff (especially fluffy hetero -it causes me tooth decay- ¬¬ ).

d- Fetish tools of choice: ( Evil Evil Evil ) BDSM, incest, rape, pain, bondage, perversions, angst, erotic tortures, fisting, toys, extreme piercings.

3 things to take into account in order to get along peacefully:

1- When I put warnings, please heed them! I really hate people complaining after a previous warning! I know here is not a common thing anymore -thanks god- but still it is better to prevent than regretting later.

2- If you want to give me constructive criticism, go for it, but in a nice way and always with the will of helping, not for the sake of trying to degrade me or my works or looking down upon me. In the first case, I will love you to bits, but in the other case, I will put you in your rightful place and then block you off my sight… please, help me avoiding this by just being nice… I’ll appreciate it a lot!

3- Don’t slam your preferences on me! I hate that to death! I will respect yours even if I don’t share them, and I expect you to do the same with me! Also, please, when I tell you that I don’t like something, DON’T question nor harass me! Otherwise consider yourself ignored! I’m in no mood to be quarrelling, seriously.

A big pleasure to meet you all! Wave

thay zuster{CVB}

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Blog: New nickname and a new start

Since I've decided to start all over again here, firstly I renewed my identity. I used to be known as selene18, but now I am thayCVB, which coincides with the signatures in some of my works, just to avoid to be mistaken by someone else and getting reported for stealing... myself!

Thanks to lovely Bogus for allowing me to change my nick!

Anyways, along with my new nick I'll be uploading some new stuff here and on red curtains as well Smile

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