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About Me

Hello all, somehow youve wandered to my PD profile, so I figure Ill tell you a few things about me, Allison.

I have many nicknames, but one in particular, Momo, seems to be catching on immensely.

I love anime and manga(duh), music, the internet, reading, drawing and writing (duh again), and many other things including animals Tongue

Im 15 years old, hate wearing my glasses, and try to be unique as possible  ^_^

I do take commissions, in case anyone is ever interested, but I kinda doubt anyone ever will be Tongue At least not until my art improves..

Im also a Jr Mod, so if your new here and need a question answered, just PM me. Or, new here or not, if you just want a new friend, IM or PM me and well see how it goes Big Smile

Hug Hugs for All.

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