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Blog: An update to update.

Teeny note to self: come here more often.

Well then, I doubt anybody will read this, but I feel the need to update nonetheless.

Writing at these pet sites is awesome. I've already improved, just from knowing that I need to write, and that my writing is needed.

Speaking of writing, I should have a fan-fic to post in a short while. It's based off of — shocker here — a pet site.

In other news, the medication has thus far proven a success. I'm a lot calmer; and there don't appear to be any downsides that I've noticed.

My hamster passed away several days ago, which was sad. It put me into a bit of a slump, but I think I've recovered. I find myself still going to where her cage was, and then remembering that she isn't there anymore. xD

Now then, I think I'll be off!

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