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About Me

I came here from deviantART. I'm still active there, but I'll be putting other kinds of artwork up here that dA will not allow.


Name: Cloudie/Sylphie
Age: 20 in human years, ageless in true form
Gender: Third Sex (neither male or female, but resemble both at times)
Orientation: Androphile                                                                           
Native Language: English. Learing German and Japanese.
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon (earth)
Native American Zodiac: Beaver
Religion: Mormon
Personality: Childlike, curious, shy, intuitive, righteous, stubborn, artistic, jealous, compassionate.


Things I LOVE: The beauty and mysteriousness of life, exploring and traveling, drawing and designing, playing video games, N. Gin
Favourite Animals: Chickens, swans, lobsters, toads, spiders, bats, skunks, armadillos, cuttlefish, deer, goats ...
Favourite Games: Digimon World: Digital Card Battle, Spyro the Dragon (all), Crash Bandicoot (all), Final Fantasy (VII and Tactics), Odin Sphere, Shadow of the Colossus.
Favourite Cartoons/ Anime/ Manga/ Comics: Digimon, Princess Tutu, Hana-Kimi.
Favourite Movies: The Sound of Music
Favourite Books: Mostly works by Stephen King, or anything that has a good fantasy theme. Raptor Red, The Eyes of the Dragon, The Dark Tower.
Favourite Music: Electronica, New Age, Celtic, video game OSTs.
Favourite Colors: White, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Purple, Gold, Maroon, Bright blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Sage, Yellow-Orange.

Thanks to Olimari for creating the bio and letting me use it. :3


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