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Welcome to the RedCurtain. An adults only website dedicated to showcasing erotic art, writing, and comics. We invite you to view our large collection of yaoi, gay, anime, and explicit illustrations from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Just don't leave a mess...

Go away!

Posted by BogusRed

Seriously. You damn spammers go away. I am so damn tired of deleting your spam.

On that note, we have some updates to the site to better detect and automagically BAN these spammers. I apologize to anyone who's been getting emailed about a new comment on their art only to find out it's full of gobs and gobs of links for stupid watches, purses, and boots.

Email me if you notice anything wonky on the site or if you notice spam in general and I'll clean that shit up.


PaperDemon on pinterest

Posted by BogusRed

Hello PaperDemon members. We have a pinterest page now. We'll be pinning artwork from members who are actively posting artwork. So please follow our board and post more artwork Big Smile

View the PaperDemon pinterest page. Also we're on Twitter and Facebook as well.


Red Curtain now allows more forms of kink. Necrophilia, Urolagnia, and Zoophilia

Posted by BogusRed

I’m happy to announce that after careful consideration we’ve revised our rules to allow Necrophilia, Urolagnia (aka watersports, golden showers), and Zoophilia (aka bestiality) art in the Red Curtain. Filterable galleries are now available for them.

Adjust your filters

If you’re not so excited about these gallery additions, please take a moment to adjust your filter settings so that you can continue to enjoy the same Red Curtain experience you’ve always enjoyed.


Why the change?

A member of our community recently reached out and asked why we allowed some kink and not others. It seemed that these rules were in place simply because I didn’t like that type of kink. The origins of these rules came about six years ago when we first banned shota and loli art. I was convinced by other members that banning Necrophilia, Urolagnia, and Zoophilia would help prevent a “certain type of crowd” from coming around to the Red Curtain. But after recently speaking with a few members of the kink community, I’ve learned this was an ignorant decision.


Speak up
I will always welcome an open discussion about our rules and anything else.  I’ve always tried to keep PaperDemon and the Red Curtain open to as many forms of art and writing as possible. But it’s up to all of you to speak up to protect PaperDemon and ensure it is living up to this mission.


Find a bug with the new version? Have a suggestion? Please tell us!