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Many thanks! There is more of my work at

on Saintly Cadavers

I like the tone set here. I am sorry DA couldn't grasp it.

on Sunset love

I love your avatar!

on breast are jewels

Looks real good. Real...good.

on Love Me

Ugh. I just can't. Yet another gem.

on 69

Oh my Cheese! This is just...gorgeous! The play on tones of skin, the embracing, or simply the rapture in her face. This is hands down one of my favorite S/K pictures

on Possessive Love

I can seriously respect this art. Excellent job.

on beautiful bbw naked3

Why is my first thought how pretty Sephiroth looks, I mean look at his hair! The sex is also great so there's that too

on Custom Tailored

I can't believe I'm saying this but...a hot, naked Jenova.

on Blackwing Chieftain - FF7

Favorite couple from FFVII as well. This is amazing. If you can do more of them, please do in the future

on Forbidden Comfort - VinTifa

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