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Absolutely magnificent! I love how steamy and tangible it is. It really has a feeling of substance and a great sense that you could reach out and touch him...and of course, you want to! Big Smile

on Hot Spring Soak

Oh, he's just gorgeous.

on Elfenkaiser Pin-Up

You always give such positive feedback, and it's always appreciated so much. <3

on Steamed Buns

I love this! So great and so sensual. I especially love what you did with the lighting, and of course their poses and hand positioning. So natural and so delightful!

on Steamed Buns

Thanks! I think the "adult" side generally gets less traffic anyway, so it's all good.

on FMA: Serpent's Gold

thank you!

on Impatience

nice pic drawn

on Impatience

Wow, this is not bad at all! Love your attention to detail, especially in the background. I wish I could draw foliage that well.

on Inuyasha

Many thanks! There is more of my work at

on Saintly Cadavers

I like the tone set here. I am sorry DA couldn't grasp it.

on Sunset love

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