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Thanks A.O.! According to their creator Omar-Sin (you can catch his stuff at Deviantart and Twitter!) Jake and the rest of the royal family are rather "rambuncous" when it comes to sex, So weather their kids or adults you'd better watch out! :o I've got sexy drawings of Jake's mother Deyl here and at Deviantart too! Enjoy and thanks again!

on Not so little Prince Jake Land

Hee, Hee, I Love It!..... Story after my own heart!..... "SPECIAL BOY'S & GIRLS have their NEEDS too you know!.......I hope he manages to miss that date she can safely take "every drop" without risking pregnancy as, he should have a love child with her.....Hee, Hee, Hee. I'm sure his love baby would be quite handsome......I'm so awful!

on Not so little Prince Jake Land


on TC-Dragon Cup

Well, he's teasing just beneath it. I should fix it, though.

on The Job

Cool Smile

on The Job

Oh by the way, I'll share this to our red curtain twitter page in a few days:

on The Job

Hehe the expression on the guys face on the far right is amusing. Is he pointing at the other guy's nipple?

on The Job

This is really great. Love the colors, pose, and details. This will be shared on our Red Curtain twitter page tomorrow.

on Aranian Nights

This is hot. I shared this to the red curtain twitter account.

on Aranian Nights - WIP

This is gorgeous. Can't believe it has no comments!

on FMA: Serpent's Gold

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