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The generations of the Role-playing game

For this assignment I needed to pick three generations of something. A child, a parent, and a grandparent. I chose the subject of Role-playing with video game RPGs as the child, Dungeons and Dragons as the parent, and Greek and Roman Mythology as the grandparent (Since the creators of D&D and Final Fantasy used mythology as inspiration).
Then I needed to do 6 illustrations of varying artistic styles based on these generations of role-playing games. I had to do each piece one at a time not knowing what it will look like when it's finished. Meaning, just jump right in on painting/drawing without thumbnailing or doing other prep work. So the whole process is pretty exploratory.

Then after creating all 6 pieces, we collage them together (the old fashioned way with adhesive, not photoshop) into a composition and try and include 3d pieces in the work. I chose to create a clock. I'm still working on it but when it's finished, I'll post a photo of it here.

This was a really fun assignment and I'm looking forward to the other assignments in this class.

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