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Galleries: Angst Fantasy Finished Work Gothic Macabre Original Art

Tags: angel, pain, hell, torture


Completed: unknown

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Not sure if the kiddies could stomach the concept so I placed it under mature....just in case. ^^

This is just a metaphor image I did of the main hero. Did this about two maybe three years ago - can't recall.

He's half angel - those are his wings growing out. One of the last images I did entirely in photoshop - I'm now a Painter whore LOL

Um yeah - enjoy!

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holy shit thats cool man!

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I agree with Sliverbane: very reminiscent of Hellraiser, with hooks on chains pulling flesh apart. Have a look at:

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I love all the details in here. The coloring rocks as usual. The shadows and everything are just plain awesome XD

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Great picture! The details are amazing, the blood, spine, muscles, hands...
But, ouch...I don't want to be an angel :/

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wow.. this is so cool! new Favorite

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This is crazy awesome. I hope you don't take a offense but I am compelled to mention this makes me think of Clive Barker's Hellraiser story. The comics got more in to the art of torture and this is right up there. Bizzare. Juicy. Good stuff.

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