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Tags: demon, elves, elf, paper demon


Completed: Mar 24, 2007

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Yes I still know how to draw even after this long break from drawing. Anyway, here's the demon featured in the 2007 PD site design. I'm most happy with how his hair came out.


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man girl you got evil stuff on here i like i like keep it up

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This is great. I love the wings and hair. Especially the wings. Smile

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That is some crazy hair BR. I don't know if I could ever have the patience to do that. It looks so wispy and kewwwllll....

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I don't mind not seeing his hands. I might want to see something else (tee-hee) He's lovely. And I naturally have a soft spot for red hair (auburn, strawberry blonde, you name it)

Stand back...I'm about to do science!

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This is beautiful! I love how you did his hair, and the wings that can't support him Corky Smile He reminds me of Icarus falling. You're still very good at anatomy. The only thing I find strange is not seeing his hands, I think I should bed able to see a little of his left hand. Nonetheless I really like it Heart

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