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Tags: chibi vegeta


Completed: May 15, 2005

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Since I got a Dbz Doujinshi I HAD to draw chibi vegeta!! Hes beaten badly and lying on the floor in pain...poor little Ouji!! *hugs him*

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awww... poor Vegeta got his ass kicked. Cute pic!

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AW! Uber-cute! ....in a sick, demented way. I love it so much! The blood effects are great! Keep up the good work

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Poor little Vegeta, Cry I am sure that it is Freezer or his henchmen who beat him!

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Poor Vegeta. I like the blood effect, though. It's very well drawn. Awesome pic!!

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Oh veggie poor little guy

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Oh No! Aw, poor guy! This is drawn very well; you get the emotion across just great! I want to hug him! Bounce

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Oh I'm so glad you posted this one here. I remember liking it on DA.


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