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Completed: Jul 29, 2007

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SO here you go xD HET! I do draw other things! I swear! <3

I actually have an uncle who's requested I draw him some hard core yuri xD So I need to work on that. I've never drawn hard core yuri before >.>; So it'll be new xD Just you wait xD I will have yuri soon! I hope xD;; Maybe. i dunno if it'll be worth the internet xDDDD

Anyway, these are some of my FIRST CHARIES EVAH! Yesh, Mikaio (the girl) with her first husband (she had many over the years xD) Shantal. I haven't drawn her in like.. 5 years. xD Whoops Heheh. I thought about drawing her wings, but she doesn't usually have them when she's having sex. It's just awkward xD

Mikaio is a princess of a race I created in middle school called Miyahshins. They are demonic creatures and are almost dead because they had a war within' the people over the purebloods and the half-breeds.

Shantal was the prince to a neighboring kingdom betrothed to her. He is a vampire because he was turned while protecting his twin brother from the same thing. His brother was spared.

Shantal has always been in love with her, but Mikaio is well, not that thrilled. She warms up to him but she treats him a bit more like a fuck buddy than a husband~

Mikaio and Shantal © Tetsu <3

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I feel bad for Shantal, I mena he loves her, and they're married, but she's juts using him for sad...does she atleast fall for him in the end?

I like his expression and the way you drew his hand upon her hip.

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I love her long hair Upsidedown

"I am lost. I have gone to look for myself, if I get back, before I return, please tell me to wait." -Unknown

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