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Galleries: Finished Work InuYasha Teen Female (14-19)

Tags: inuyasha kagome


Completed: unknown

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Ah hell, maybe I shoulda posted this at dA just to see what they'd say. Ah well.

Anyways, this a obviously a variation on my piece, Kagome Take Four W.I.P. One of the infamous nine of mine taken down for content elsewhere.

Aside from Kagome's, ahem, condition lol, I did redo some of the BG as well. Wink Am still kinda new at this digital stuff, so Ive been trying out different techniques and that.

And I dont own, so dont sue... am broke anyways. Wink

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This is adorable version!! I would have to Say Kagome is glowing with maternal pride! How did Inuyasha take the news?

"There is nothing more delicious than writing the first words to a story.." Beatrix Potter

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