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2005 work.

My OTC (One True Crossover/Crack). Naraku and Orochimaru are my obsessions, and what's better than having both of your obsessions together? This piece was my pride and joy for a long time. I realize it has a lot of mistakes Smile


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OMG I am dying this is so friggin hilarious, I think Naruto, and Inuyasha are both traumatized and scarred for life, their facial expressions and reactions kill me lol. Your right Orochimaru and Naraku I can so picture them killing each other ROFLMAO thanks


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whoo hoo! These two so belong together. Between Orochimaru's tongue and Naraku's tentacles, they could have endless varieties of hot and sick man-sex before they...you know...killed each other in a jealous rage. Hee...it would be worth watching.

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