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One of the first mature pieces I've ever submitted online. I started to become more confident in my ability to draw it. x3 I can see a lot wrong with this picture proportionally, anatomicly, etc... but I still like it because it makes me laugh. Something I did on a whim became pretty loved on Y-Gallery for a long while. XD (I'm no longer on Y-Gallery for a few reasons I'll not delve into here)

Photoshop CS2

If this piece violates something in the rules I apologize... I wasn't sure. Please let me know if it does and I'll remove it promptly.

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Those "Spanky-Games" are always so fun! If selene18 were to do this, he'd have a baseball bat up his butt! (My apologies to selene18, I couldn't help myself. You're cool, don't worry)


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Somehow, this one made me just lol, I think it's their expressions.

It also turned me on though, for more obvious reasons. :3

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....Sora's lips are so hot. O_O That smile gets me more than ANYTHING.

And lolriku'sasshole.


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It must hurt to have his arms twisted like that... **giggle** Put me in place of Riku, and Riku in place of Sora and I'll be having a good time... **cackle** <_< >_> I'll be having a good time watching them, too...

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This one is great though- Sora is so bishie looking. I really like your version of him more than the games one cause he looks like a guy (even though he's femanine looking cause he's young) It's very cheeky too :3 And I'm not talking butt cheeks XD

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