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So I was grounded for a while for getting a tattoo... and as always when I don't see Lance for a while... I draw AkuDemy because I miss him ;_; So basically it's for him. He helped. I drew it up (the original done in pencil is here: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b108/KittyKryspies/akudemyrealistic.jpg ) and Lance played with the textures and colors. I told him that it seems everytime I draw something for him, he manages to help me with it. XD He does such good jobs though, I can't complain!~ Left out piercings, tats, & whatnot that I usually do to keep it looking pure and sexy. :3 There's a reference somewhere on the interbutts I used for pose, but I losted it. ;_; Lineart/base shading is by Meeee Coloration & textures is by :iconwindnstorm: AKA THE DREAM TEAM. aaand, Axel and Demyx are not only sexy, but (c) Squeenix.

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How did I miss this before?

I think it's really sweet and I love the way their hair looks so touchable.

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Oh baby...*drool*

Wow, this really is gorgeous. The coloring and anatomy, perfect.

Hot. :3


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Not really a fan of yaoi but this is awesome. It's very nicely painted Yes The anatomy looks great too. Very sexy nice job! Grin The only thing that stands out to me is that Axel's arm (The one farthest away) Is a bit too thin. Other than that it's great.

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Wow. Simply...wow. O.O!


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Wow. This is just amazing. And sexy too. I love the pose, the expressions, the shading. All of it. Favorite

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