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Completed: Feb 29, 2008

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It's been a while since I've uploaded here o.0

uh, So like, This was a sketch from a yaoi meme I was doing and never finished (dunno if I ever will XD). I thought it was too cute to leave this as a sketch (wow I'm actually proud of something I drew 0.o). Its been so long since I drew these two and you can't imagine how fun it was drawing these two again.

These two were my first shounen-ai couple. Surprisingly during that time I had no computer access so I didn't know about shounen-ai then. The couple just came to me somehow. lol. I'm just weird all together tho.

The goggles were a a pain to outline, so was the soccer ball...damn these hands of mine have been shaking at times.

Taichi and Yomato © Bandai and Toei animation
Artwork © Priscilla Swan 2/29/08

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