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Uhhh, lame title time! xD I was showing the WIP to Nygh today and she mentioned how it looked like he was giggling >__> And I said that I imagined he probably was xD Nicon is rather ticklish and that tongue would probably just about do it!

Anyway. 6 hours or so of work! Woo! My back hurts and I haven't slept even tho it's almost 8am xD Woohoo!

I really need to get on a normal sleep schedule now D: Or I'll be a zombie when I get to go to Nygh's xD lawl, though I think she'd understand 8D since her sleeping habits are pretty bad right nao too <3

Anyway, Nicon and Gavin are dragons and they're cute lil' lovers <3 I haven't done anything with them for a while--spotted this sketch and went "OMG I WAS GONNA COLOUR THAT!" so.. I did xD I love colouring skin <3 It makes me so happy D: I dunno why. I'm pretty happy overaall thogh with how this came out <3 ^3^

Gavin (bluehaired darker skinned sexy man) (c) Koifishsushi @ y-gallery or dA
Nicon (silly little orange boy) (c) Tetsu! xD Me lawl.

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Probably not the best idea to mention tickling with his tummy, ribs, and underarms so exposed like that. Wink

Nice work!

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nice artwork

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The two of them look really good together. I love the warm quality of your colors and the soft look of the skin.

 LoL Detroit

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