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This is an image that was directly inspired by Lord Shiva. All you who are determined either not to believe me or to try and inform me that you know better, you may leave now; the image was placed in my mind by Lord Shiva, and my hand was guided by him during the illustration. I think none know better than he what he would like to be represented as.

In any case, this is from a story that is well-known and often discussed, when Kali was rampaging. Her dance of rampant destruction endangered everything that existed, and in her fury she could not be reasoned with. However, thinking quickly, Shiva removed his clothes and lay in her path. Once she set a single foot upon his chest, she became aware that it was him, and his beauty and love stopped her from bringing total destruction to all that is.

It is such a powerful image, isn't it? To lie naked in the path of something rampaging, to stop that...he said nothing until she was upon him, he did nothing but reach up to her and is a powerful image that reminds us that power, even in the hands of someone called the 'god of destruction' -- which is very much a misnomer I think -- is not always martial strength or physical power. Sometimes the greatest power is in making oneself seem to be something that is not and cannot be noticed until it is there under the feet of the destructive power. The strength of a smile, a loving gleam in one's eye, an earnest reaching out in genuine supplication.

The original's colours are much more subtle and flow more readily into one another, but of course as with any scan, they became less subtle here. However, I think this is a piece that certainly bears sharing, nonetheless. I hope it will touch you as it has touched me, and as he has touched me as well.


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Wow, this is beautiful! I really like the subtly of the colors.
I love his soft, loving expression and his pose.
I really love how you put the story behind the image in the description. It enhances the beauty of the image.

Cute, cuddly, completely psychotic. Any questions?

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I love his expression and his hair in this.. just wow...

then the story.. just..
*shifty eyes* ... *faves the pic after commenting*

Keep on trucking, its the small things and kindness that keep others going.

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I like the pose ^^ Its very superhero like Yes He looks very happy too ^^

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I love the story that goes along with this piece. Inspirational, hell yes! Lovely colors and a very sensitive approach. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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