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Tags: demon, original characters


Completed: Oct 7, 2008

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Inspired by an Rp. <3 kh. He likes boobies.

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Queen of porn is no longer fitting for you You are a goddess of Mature art dam that is impressive wow.


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I love your art work. You're so good at. And I don't know but I fell in love with Kuraihoshi way back when you did the "Listen to master" piece. And I would so love to read a story of him.

But back onto the artwork. I love the intimacy between the characters. And I don't see anything wrong with a female demon wanting to claw up her demon mate. Especially if he does something that worth being clawed for. Grin

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Very nice passionate moment. Like the others I like that the woman is really drawing blood out of the guy's shoulder there. The composition is great and I like that you can see the details of their face expressions and their muscles, hair, highlights etc... I love it.

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I love a girl that can really sink her claws into a man. ^^

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OoO, nice claws! Well done as always.

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Gorgeous Big Smile Loving the claws ^^

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