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So I wanted to draw something yaoi-ish for a while, but simply couldn't think of any pairing or positions.
I don't even have that many options when it comes to pairings as I don't own many male characters myself. Luckily, my fiancé has a bunch, but I just couldn't decide...

Eventually, he grew a bit tired of me not knowing what to do, turned to me and said:
"I have a request for you. Stop beating around the bush and draw Henry taking Ezekiel in the ass."


He gave me ideas for poses (and finally a pairing) and viola, here we have Ezekiel and Henry.
Completly out of character, but damn... it is hot, they are hot!

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I love the uke's delicate features and pose, there is something very graceful in his attitude. And I love his expression.

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