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"Maysa Bari awoke with a start. Her senses sharpened, listening, but there was no sound but the usual noises aboard a DropShip. She looked down at herself, in the covers, and then next to her and Daniel Polycutt, her husband.   He was already awake and smiled at her, leaning back against the pillows, hands behind his head. Maysa blushed deeply, because they were both naked, but she returned the smile. 'Oh, cool,' she whispered, 'it wasn’t a dream.'"  --from Snowbird's Last Stand

Just an intimate drawing of two of my Battletech short story characters consummating a whirlwind romance.  This turned out pretty well, I think.


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Very cool! I really like the color contrast between the blonde Daniel and the redheaded Maysa. Do you use color pencil, crayon, or water paint?

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