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This is my little werewolf character gone crazy and killed his pet dog o.o I think he likes the taste of blood.....

This is old art. The colour is a bit odd because I drew it on my old computer (The colours were all screwed up on there) So dont mind that. Hurray blood : P

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AAAA he's eatting his dog's guts!! D:

stop eatting all the burgers yeah fat american!!!indecision

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aw poor dog!!

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That... looks like my grandpa's dead dog Ginger. but she wasn't mangled and her collar wasn't blue and her claws weren't white. Nice job. and I'm going to be the first to say, there isn't really anything sad or gross about the drawing. now, if it were a real dog (and this were a photograph), then I would've said something to the extent of... WHY DID YOU PUT THIS UP!!! But I won't say that. good job.

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*laughs a little at the comment above* er....this kinda scares me, but the dog was very well draw...*shutters* cruel...but good...if only he didn't look just like my dog Tobby...*laughs insecurely and inches away slowly* heh...heh....*bolts for the nearest door* KEEP UP THE DRAWINGS THOUGH! *shouts behind her and runs screaming Tobby*

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Wow this is super gory O.O!

As Lili said, it is very well drawn and colored Smile


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poor doggy! The drawing is very crude but the art in itself is very nicely drawn, so are the colors and shades. Great job...I cant say its pretty Laughing

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