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It's Bulma and Vegeta doing it against a wall. For some reason I always imagine them in those "three years" against a wall in a hallway.

It's a sketch right now. So far I've put in about 4 hours to sketching it. Took a while to get the pose just right. Next is ink and color. I need to come up with a background still.

Feedback welcome.

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This is gorgeous, missus! For some reason my first thought was that they were doing it in that...oh lord, it's been a while since DBZ but, that big super-gravity chamber where you can up the gravity for training? I don't know why that came to mind.

I think my only critique for it is Bulma's left hand (the one resting on Vegeta's shoulder). Compared to her other hand, it looks fairly limp. I like to think she'd be grabbing him with both hands, or maybe scratching him up a little. I just think the fact that it's relaxed compared to the rest of the picture kind of weakens the intensity of the mood slightly.

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Heh- I love that Vegeta has his removed tail mark above his butt Smile This for Surviving Together? OR fun?

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