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Ivy Valentine is a loose cannon and a dangerous one!  She uses the power of her Chain-whip sword Soul's Edge to travel through time and into the 21 century ,  she runs into Chun-Li who is NOT pleased with her murderous mission!  She orders her to put down her sword,  Ivy tells her point blank what she'll do to her with it if she tries to take it!  Chun-Li is NOT AMUSED and they pound each other like hated enemies!  Chun-Li wins,  but its Springtime!  and she warns Ivy that she gets a bit "anxious"at this time of year!

Chun-Li says, " You picked the WRONG season to pick a fight with me!  I've read all about you and your "proclivities!"  How about i show you what  I like to do around this time of year!  Heh, Heh, Heh!cheeky

Chunny swings the Soul's Edge around,  So this is basically a Chain-Whip?   She whispers in Ivy's ear,  "I KNOW how to use this!"    Don't plan on going home right away!  She giggles.....


Everybody get your cell-cams ready!

Chun-Li* StreetFighter II* Capcom

Ivy Valentine* Soul's Edge/ Soul Calibur* Namco

rendered in Prismacolor pencils.

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