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Back in her High School days,  Sakura took a trip to Hong Kong on School Vacation with some of her Streetfighting pals like Chun-Li, Ken Masters, Gen and Dan Hibiki to join in on the latest streetfights,  She runs into Yang and Yun, the later catches her eye but she has to fight them first,  She beats Yang but Yun bounces her around soundly!  He promises a rematch later,  Time passes and Yun pays Sakura a visit in Japan, Looking to keep his rematch promise,  This time Sakura wins in more ways than one, She decides Yun needs cheering up,  they're adults now,  time to take him on a REAL tour of Japan!  Starting with the now empty gym, " C'mon cutie!  Sakura coos,  I'll give you a tour of  MY SITES!  Hee, Hee!cheeky

Yatta!  Sakura Kasugano and Yun *StreetFighter III

rendered in Prismacolor and Prang pencils.

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