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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Finished Work Male/Male - Yaoi Romance

Tags: vegeta, dragonball z, goku, fanart, anime


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This is the first artwork I’m posting here and I want to say hello to everybody. Some years ago I watched Dragonball Z on TV und I almost immediately fell in love with the price of all saiyajins and I like him paired up with Goku.

This picture is my first attempt at drawing and I’ve done it a while ago. What do you think about it?

Since then I haven’t drawn much (I will show you some of my others), I wanted to, but there were just so much other things to do and time runs always to fast. Hopefully I will find time to draw again this year. I like drawing and painting and I want to learn it. And this site is very inspiring.

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I know what you mean. Time runs really fast and I found hardly time to do all the drawings I wish. A nice drawing. Hope to see more from you soon.

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Hi Yuuki, welcome to I too am a big fan of Veggie and like him paired with Goku. You have such nice clean linework. I like the gesture of Vegeta, how you have his finger glazing over Goku's body. Very nice touch.


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Sweet - a quiet moment.

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