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folder icon Nehra Shrivastava With in are images of my much spoiled demon - Nehra 
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Looks like Azriel and Nehra are on their way to the bed chamber. For a marathon perhaps?! Could be! I find I'm very curious to see how these two dominant personalities would 'clash' in the bedroom!

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Hey everybody...thanks for the hits.  This pic has had over 1000 hits!!!  Woo-hoo Bounce

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ooooooh! fer-cute! haha, i love the looks in their eyes!!! *scrunches up her nose in a smile* just adorable...sorry...fluffy moment...anywho, the picture is great, i love it!!!

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I love it!!!!! *adds to favs*

"im still rockin' harder than a crack house"


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Hahaha! That's great! I love what he's saying (you spelled "straight" wrong), but it's still wonderful! Nice coloring. ^^

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wow! This looks great! Love it!

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Awsome! I love this pic! Yay! I'm sooooo glad you posted it. Beautiful, just beautiful!


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