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Tags: dbz, vegeta, dragon ball z, fanart, anime, dragonball


Completed: Jan 20, 2006

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A Saiyajin doesn’t cry, especially when his name is Vegeta. But sometimes it hurts too much, that even a prince can’t hold it back. I let it to your imagination, what happened to Vegeta. To me, he is still young here and in the clutches of freezer. And there is nobody to comfort him.

Hey, I did this completely on the computer with my new tablet. It is a great tool, but I still need to get used to it.

I think there is something wrong with the proportions, but I don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe his pelvis is too broad and womanlike? Please have a look and tell me your opinion.

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Yes, Yes! I so agree with you. I'm so sure Vegeta done a lot of crying when he was with frieza. I just want to cuddle him!

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Oh, wow. You've done wonderfully at drawing the human figure. And the pose is just heart-wrenching. I think you may be right though, with the pelvis being a bit too broad. Other than that, it is flawless. Well done.

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Poor Vegeta. I just want to take him in my arms. +fav


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It looks amazing!!!! I see no flaws! Favorite

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Poor Vegeta! Great work, I like, how his tail is curled around his legs. I have a drawing tablet too, but still not working much with it, have my problems to coordinate it with the lines on the monitor. About the proportions..well, I would draw it the same way, I think.
In dieser Pose ist es für mich schwierig zu sagen, ob das Becken zu breit ist. Aber ich finde die Pose gelungen, würde sie auch nicht besser zeichnen können.

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