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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Erotic Art Finished Work Romance

Tags: dbz, dbz fanart, goku and vegeta, dbz yaoi


Completed: Mar 22, 2006

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More saiyan lovin'.  Uh, the shading in this pic is kinda random and doesn't really make sense.  Oh well, lemme know what you think.

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How passionate... I love how you can draw people kissing eachother, it is something that is hard to draw for me but you draw it very well.

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Mmmm...I do love your intensity! ^_^ There's just a way you make your Saiyans kiss that hits home. It's not overtly romantic (though a bit of that does come through), but it's not all blood, lust, and passion, either. A very nice balancing act you have here.

The only thing that really stands for correction is the size of their hands. While being very well formed, I tend to think that they would be bigger.

Overall, I love it to pieces. Excellent work!

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Yay youve updated!! AWESOME HAWTNESS!! =DDDD

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AAaaahhhh! Bounce You`re back!*glomps,hugs and kisses*Yey!*does a happy dance*This is great!And another great piccy!Oh,this is sooo beautifu! Innocent I love it!Everything about it! Grin The shading looks great to me and the emotions are just overwhelming! Yes Great job hun!:heart Big Smile on`t run away! Yes My love to you! Heart This is amazing! Yes

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Another of your yummy pictures! I love their fingers and the way Goku's jaw looks. Vegeta seems a little...bunched? - round, maybe. Great colors. I adore kissing pictures with hands in hair - my life is complete. Tongue

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Its been awhile since you posted a drawing. Its nice to see your great work again with a new picture.

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