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I was looking the coverart of Children Of Bodom's cd Hate Crew Deathroll, the reaper looked cool so i desided to draw it into A4... Don't know if you like it or not, but here it is...

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Very creepy! Thats what I like about it! Great detail in the face! Awesome!! I hope you post more art!!! Smile


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i think that it is good and u have talent

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This is actually quite good, Brethesen. you have put just enough detail into his face to make him one creepy looking son of a *bleep*. The only thing I'd suggest is maybe adding some shading into the robe to give it a more realistic look. Good job, though.

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Nice work. You draw very well. I agree, colors will give more impact, nevertheless, it is beautiful.

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That's cool but you should color it. It will give it more impact.


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