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Completed: Apr 25, 2006

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I thought this one might be a little too disturbing for the kiddies so I'm placing it in the RC.
This is a magazine spread I did for my Conceptual illustration class. The class together is making a magazine based on "Dreams and Fears." I have to tell you my heart wasn't totally in this assignment and I didn't have a lot of time to work on it. I experimented a little with screen tone effects since this is gonig to be a black and white printing. I probably could have done more with the screen tones, but meh, i didn't really feel like puting too much effort into this one.

The drawing on the right is based on the nightmares I sometimes have of spiders crawling on my face. I made it even more disgusting and creepy by having the spiders coming out of my mouth. Eeeww. I hope I don't give anyone nightmares out there.

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this is so awesome! i love the lady with the spiders on her! creepy!

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eww, spiders...*shudders* I really like the paper demon side, & the drawing of the whole thing is awesome! keep up the great work! Smile Thumbs Up *looks at spiders & shudders again*

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*shudders* Blegh! I hate spiders! I saw this and kind of looked at my feet to make sure there weren't any. Wow...I'm pathetic. Hehehe, but really good job! I like the girl's expression ^^

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I don't know if it -needs- any more work. The simplicity of it is part of the charm. It looks wonderful - like some kind of freaky advertisement, actually... Laughing I do really love the paperdemon side.

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This is great, freaks me out a bit but great keep it up

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Oh man Susie, this is schway cool. It all flows so very nicely. Laughing Sorry I can't come up with a better critique, but I just regained consciousness from the sight of those spiders *eek!*

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I reaaaaally like the "What is a paper demon" verse there. That is gracefull. The spiders are waaaaaay freaky though...

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