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folder icon Nehra Shrivastava With in are images of my much spoiled demon - Nehra 
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Tags: demon, nehra, pleasure gorgon


Completed: Aug 19, 2007

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I REALLY wanted a nude of Nehra for a looong time. So I pushed myself to get this sketch going. I'm really horrible at back grounds. I hope to get better at that. I intend on Nehra to be standing in his lavish bathing chambers - which are dotted with small fountains of warm water of which pour in to trainquil soaking pools. He's testing the water... Mmm, warm.

Crits on anatomy are welcome. Smile

*Edit -New scan looks much better!*

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Ok he ok , but add a little more shading . Make him look real and even I will say damn he's hot...

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nice heheheh.


Your satisfaction is important to me. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you or provide for you on PaperDemon. Admin -

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