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Completed: Jun 18, 1992

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I had two days to draw this, at the time, for my next game session. I know it looks rushed but I realy tried to make it look like I took my time. This is what Roth's look was when I first introduced him to my players. The concept look of the sword (BLACK RAZOR) was made by one of my players (Alvin J Balajadia)Check out his gallery. He's a realy good artist who inspired me to add detail to my drawings. Several comments have showed interest in the story behind this piece so here a quick summary. Fighting a war against the King of Arbaulin his... son. Roth is confronted by the only woman he has ever loved after the death of his wife. 'The boy is evil Kirsten', Roth attempts to explain but one look upon her tear laden face and he knows that although she loves him she will not turn against their son. 'He is our son Roth, and I will let you bring no harm to him!' she replies. That was all she had to say and Roth knew that this would be their last embrace together. Well there it is. It's kinda lame but then again i'm not a writer. I leave that to my friend. Anyways Roth's graphic novel is scheduled to be published in May of 2006. And as though this description couldn't be any longer, here's a poem for Roth, to help him cheer up! Song of Roth When the heart becomes cold, a forge unlit When the soul becomes dark, though just a bit When the cry for war, is heard from within It becomes hard, so very hard to win When ebon'd steel stirs about at your side When reason seems no longer to abide When dark forces tell you of their needs It becomes hard, so hard to succeed When the pillar of life begins to fall When dark wings cast a shadow upon all When you have given all that is possible to give It becomes hard, so hard to live.

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This is really upsetting me...I should have posted a comment for all the times I have already looked at it!!! I love it Very nie Dennis it is....very good....The guy must have been really pissed at something she did....god!! lol Smile Favorite


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i love it

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The detail in that sword is great. How long did it take you to draw this pic.

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There's that sword. Damn, I'd better get it right, hey? You know what I think of this one... So much emotion, so many tears. She chose the wrong side. Poor woman, and poor Roth. You like torturing your characters, don't you? Laughing

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And what an interesting story it must be. You must really love what you do. Your pieces are chock-full of emotion and they really get your audience thinking. Believe it or not, but my favorite character in this picture is the sword. If you think about it, that is what killed the woman... not the guy. He just helped it along a little bit. I love the engraving on the sword. Is it just symbols or some kind of language? Kind of like Tolkien's work? Are these characters from your RPG again? They are very well thought of. I love the way you depict them.

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oh man! this is sweet too, dude looks a little like Fabio, which makes me giggle I can't help myself. I love it!

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