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Welcome to Fall!

Posted by Inuyoujo

For all the highs and lows that happened in my birthmonth this year, I can proudly say I lived through it! My birthmonth ended with a house party last night, and it helped me feel a lot more comfortable and less outcasted being in this house. None of my friends could make it, but the house manager knows a lot of great people that I was happy to meet! I feel way more comfortable inviting people over now that other have been here.

The house was cleaned up! The other 2 hosts cooked! I felt like people with lives actually live in this house, which I haven't felt since I've been here. Honestly, I'm going to make at least one more try at finding a new place, but I'm not going to be so disappointed if it doesn't work out this month. I might not try again for Nov, depending on how things go over this month. I still want to leave for a chance at a better place, but as of right now I'm not dying to leave because I dislike my housemates.

I was looking at somethings I would like to put in my room, to make it more homely for me. And, I'm buying more for the house, in general. Before I started typing this I was thinking about where I could find a tv and getting video/ movie streaming services for the house. I live here and I like nice things, so the place I live in is going to have nice things.

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