Yeah... failure.

I am a VIRGIN and a PERVERT. Deal with it.

Posted by Inuyoujo

I'm a pervert.

I'm a virgin ,not a prude. I have my standards ,but that's different from having a stick up your ass.

I'm not stupid ,either. I may not be SUPER 1337 at DRAWING anatomy ,but i know what it is ,how it works ,and where things USUALLY go.

But yeah ,i like titties ,and cocks ,and stuff. I don't care if it's flesh ,furry ,scales ,or whatever.

I have preferences. Things that i do and DON'T ,but none regard to sexuality or gender. I just don't have a thing for poop and pee, and other stuff.

Got anything you wanna ask me or talk about?

Wow, i've been back for weeks, and i'm just now starting my journals. shows how much i give a fuck ,dounit? Kidding.