Yeah... failure.


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I'll take this over fake-ass Columbus Day!

Now, as you all should know a day or any other period of time gets put on something other of respect of sadness for it.

It's just like Pearl Harbor Day, Mothers' Day, MLK day, so on and so forth.

Coming Out Day is for the good and the bad.

The good being the supportive side. Families that love their gay members for who they are. The "friends of" group, and the gay pride itself.

The bad being those that have had to suffer bulling, mistreatment, banishment, and even been killed or killed themselves.

I think too much goes into coming out, tho. It shouldn't be treated differently if its not different, right? People don't go telling their parents "mom, dad, i'm straight", so why does it have to have a heavy meaning when you're gay/ bi?

Well, how I feel about it isn't how most people feel, it seems. As long as it's "different" and people usually can't tell just by looking (in some cases) have to tell people just so they'll know.

Sometimes, it's just about coming out to yourself. Looking in the mirror and having to say "I'm gay/ bi". Breaking away from what the not-so-gay-friendly part of people want you to be and having to come to terms with being yourself. It's hard when you think or know there will be consequences.

Hopefully, I'll have my audio on YouTube later on today TIRING TO BE ON TIME!

Come on out the closet, folks!


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I have no idea what to draw for Halloween myself, so I'm doing Halloween themes trades from now til the last Friday of Oct. UNLIMITED SLOTS, so this'll be hard to miss. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES!

Pic refs needed. If you have a written ref with it that's fine, but i need the picture!

These will be shaded or colored. I'm not nearly as lazy with my trades as i am with requests. I give good stuff to get good stuff!

The secondary theme to this is fall season trades, if you're not into Halloween.

People in trading:

If you don't want to do a Halloween/ fall theme trade, inquire about your trade via pm only. DON'T POST ON THIS!