Yeah... failure.

New art slide show!

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The SkullGirls fandom on Tumblr is awful.

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I will still wait for the PC release, and hopefully be able to by it. I want to leave the fandom because some of the people in it really suck. I've never even said that about a fandom before, and I've been in a quite a few. Some not as popular, some more popular, and all better behavior than the people in the SkullGirls fandom. I say that having been in the Naruto fandom. Admittedly, I left the Naruto fandom because the people where all too often immature, but not because they were mean, and uppity. I'm not say they're all bad. Of cor, there are some good people in the fandom! I just don't what's up with the Tumblr section of the fandom to make 90% of the one's I've come across assholes. Maybe because it's blog site, and not an art site. This might be the first time I've taken into a fandom via a blog site, but somehow I didn't think of it like that. I suppose a different attitude could be expected on a different platform, but why are they so mean, and judgmental? It's even started to rub off on me, but I'm glad I caught it. Tumblr's LGBTQ support community is worth keeping Tumblr, but the SkullGirls fandom there needs therapy, or something.