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My views on some porn laws and sex issues, in the USA.

Posted by Inuyoujo


Sexual content of people under the age of 18 and 16.
In realistic depiction, I'm openly against. In fictional depiction, I'm openly for it.
I have a similar feeling to this as I do violence. If it's not real, it's not hurting anyone. If it's not hurting anyone, it's not an issue. Fictional characters in writings, drawings, and other crafted imagery so on isn't real.
As far as real and "real looking" goes, it's clear. The reason why per-taking in pedophilic acts is illegal is, because it can easily damage a child in many ways. There's already enough in life to fuck kids up. Fucked up kids make fucked up adults, and we surely have enough of those!
Zoophilia/ Bestiality
I'm not into it, but I can live and let live on it. I understand these laws are for protection, because people and animals can get hurt (and even die) from the interaction. This just isn't an issue I'm "up at arms" about.
In the USA it wasn't out-right illegal until a person died from injures inflected from anal sex with a horse. Normally, a person wouldn't have died from such injuries, but the person was too embarrassed to go to the hospital when e knew e was hurt.
The popular depiction of zoo is with a dog, dog related, or dog-like creature. I only know of one dog being hurt in this case. A pitbull got sick and died and when they owner to it to the hospital they found it's stomach was feel of semen. Most likely the owner's semen. I don't know of any damage being damn with a human on the getting end with a dog being on the giving end, but I haven't looked into it.
I use to be into it, but not anymore. Another live and let live, for me.
I understand why this is legally VERY much. In more cases than not, dead bodies produce various things that are VERY harmful to living bodies. More so with how long it's been dead. With humans there's NOTHING nice about a dead bodies decay stuff.
I only looked at it in fictional depiction, and never thought of going into it in real life. While I was on it, there's a phrase that I picked up that will never expire: Can't say "no" if it's dead!
Urine and defecation
I'm not into, and this is much less a neutral issue to me. I haven't known pee to hurt anyone. In fact, there was a short talk of health benefits from drinking pee. Didn't catch on in this country, but some other places took to it. In direct contrast, that's things good and/or helpful about poop! In fact, it's very toxic - considering the average, modern human diet.
The making of such content is illegal in the US, but thanks to the internet we can see whatever we want! I'm one of many that watched the 2 girls 1 cup (, and so on titled videos) in it's fad. I did a post-reaction video. If that kind of thing is illegal to view in the US hundreds if not thousand... if not millions of people are now criminals. CONGRATULATIONS! As I recall, a lot of people showed those videos to their parents, and grandparents. ONCE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS NOW OUTLAWS AND RENEGADES THANKS TO THEIR ANUS CHILD OR GRANDCHILD!
Rape, force, and violence.
Rape/ Forced sex - Into it as a fetish and act. Not into the real thing.
Violence consensual sex/ sexual acts - Not into it that much, but it's a live and let live for me. Just be careful, ok?
I'm very much anti-rape in the real issue. Rape is much more about power than sex. You're taking control of a person's body away from them with rape.
As a fetish, the control is sexy. I'm slowly but surely fading out of the idea. I have a growing attraction for when both or all parties are enjoying the activity!
Forced sex is slightly different from all out rape. In real life, I'm very against it, because it's still considered non-con. As a fetish, I like it, because it often goes from non-con to con very quickly!
Violence - I'm only slight into it, depending on the level of violence and the acts. "Live and let live" if all parties involved are willing participants!
In realistic depiction one can only go so far, in legal and humane terms. In fantasy, you can do anything you want because it's not a real person!
In the USA I think the only people it's illegal to show violent imagery of is our heads of state... the leaders of our country, if that's what that means. You can chop up any character, person, and yourself in any other picture. If you post a picture with the president with cross-hairs on the forehead THAT'S when the FBI and CIA will be busting down your door. Or cor, the other expectation is if you're actually threatening someone with the imagery.
I'm also one of many they viewed the BME Pain views, back when it was a fad along side 2 girls 1 cup. Where was it's illegal to make that sort of thing in the US, viewing it is legal. If not, another thing I, a long with most of the internet about 4 years ago should get community service for. And, their parents and grandparents.
And, that's me on this!