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The verses among waves

Posted by Inuyoujo

I've noticed a negative trend of feminists not getting along with other feminists because they're feminists.

There's still some hate towards male/ men fems, and intersex/ genderqueers are a "new" breed that have it worse. 

I'm a genderqueer 3rd waver, and I find that 1st wavers don't care for me. More focus on the "cis-ters" than the "sisters" - as I've experienced them. 2nd wavers are confused by the notion but the 2nd wave is where fem-men started becoming more noticeable, so they're more open minded and they're coming into an understanding. Much better about having "sisters" over "cis-ter".

There's suppose to be a 4th wave coming on, but we're not sure what that is, yet. Some calm that the 3rd wave is the 4th wave, meaning there's a wave before us that must of us are ignorant to. It's possible that wave wasn't big enough to be reputable in comparison to the others.

I hope there are many waves. So many waves we lose count. Waves all the time, because we need feminism ALL THE TIME!

The Weekend of A Thousand SUNS!

Posted by Inuyoujo