Yeah... failure.


Posted by Inuyoujo

It's been a long time. We shouldn't 'a left you. Withou-- Oh, wait.

It's been some years hasn't it. I've started traveling. I left LA, went to CO for 2 years. NM, AZ, OH, PA, RI, and now Boston, MA. Honestly, I'll be back and forth between RI and MA while I'm here. If I can foot it, I'll visit nearby places like NYC, NH, and so on. If not, I'm ok with MA and RI.

I came to Boston from RI for a visit and now I have a place to stay and a job. Ill be here for a month or 2, or whatever. I was originally going to get out of here in March, but I think I'll be here until summer.

LEt's see how much money I can rise and how much hell I can make!