Yeah... failure.


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Unfortunately, the twins can't move in because the house manager smokes in the house. The hm's room is in the basement, so when he smokes it goes up through all the rest of the house. The one that came over even opened a window and said it stinks. I'm not offened by the action. I'm very embrassed that I had someone over as a guest/ candidate for housemate over and the house stank so bad that they had to open a window.

I've put up with a lot for my own sake. All my complaints since I've been here have been at the terrible housemates, but the house is decent. The reason why I put up with all that is because nothing ever effected my guests coming over. The reason why I went out of my way to find a place to live is to have guests over. I want people to come to my house and be comfortable. If that's not doable, there's no point in me living here.

Twins moving in?!

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The saga continues...

Recently, one of my co-workers approaced me about needing an affordable place to stay. The other room hasn't been filled since the sea urchin housemate left, so I told them we have a room available! If they move in, I won't want to move out, so soon. I'm putting thought into moving into an intention community house or something like that. Also, the other housemate is generally pretty gross, but we're going to see if we can work on that.

At the same time, I have some people my age that are trying to find a house together. We'll see how that goes.